Drive5 Tournament Registration


If this is your first time registering a team through our online system, please review the steps below before getting started. Otherwise, click continue to go to your registration homepage.


Steps for Tournament Registrations

1 Add Teams

From your registration homepage, you'll click the Add Team button and fill out your team info. If you do not know all of your player information, you can login and add it later. Once you've filled out the team info page, you can choose to simply save your info in the system, or continue directly to the next step in the tournament registration process.

2 Purchase Credits

To register your team for Drive5 tournaments, you must first purchase credits by clicking on the Buy Credits link in the left menu. Each credit pays for entry into one Drive5 tournament. We use a credit system so that you automatically get your discount when purchasing a package with multiple tournaments, and you are then able to enter tournaments at any time using the credits that you've purchased (your tournament credits will never expire).

** Please note: Credits purchased together in a package cannot be distributed among multiple teams for tournament entries - they may only be applied to tournament registrations for the same team throughout a Drive5 Tournament Series. If you have multiple teams, please ensure that you are purchasing a tournament package only under the team that you intend to use it for.

3 Register for Tournaments

Once you've purchased a tournament package, you'll have one or more credits to use towards registering your team in Drive5 tournaments. You can start using your credit(s) immediately to register your team into one or more tournaments, or you can save your credits and apply them towards any future tournament registration (your credits well never expire). Tournament details can be found on the Drive5 website under Tournament Schedule.